Resolving Differences with Peace
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Why Mediation

Solving Issues

One of the main reasons people choose mediation over court proceedings is because they want to be in good relations with the other party. Another reason is to learn about the subject matter and have a deep understanding of it for the future. Not to mention time and expenses spent in court, filing fees, trip to the courthouse, drafting legal documents and etc., which does not guarantee a favorable outcome.

Top 5 Reasons Mediation is Your Best Choice

  • Faster

  • Significantly cheaper

  • More creative

  • Less complicated; and

  • Can result in a more agreeable solution than resolutions imposed by a judge or jury.

Mediation is a win-win outcome for both parties. Janet Kerobyan has mediated, facilitated and conciliated enough cases to make sure each side is evaluated and heard thoroughly. A successful mediator is attention to details and every emotion, concern and problem is brought to the table so that no “what if’s” are left after the completion of the session.

It is important to realize that win-win does not necessarily mean an equal win. One party may gain more than the other. But as long as both parties gain more by mediating or negotiating, then a win-win outcome is usually achieved. In order to create a true win-win outcome though, both sides' problems must be solved. That is why the mediator needs to first learn what both sides want. The mediator should be guided by yet another basic principle of human psychology: PEOPLE WANT FIRST TO BE UNDERSTOOD BEFORE THEY UNDERSTAND.

Remember: You Can Sustain Relationships Through Mediation.