Resolving Differences with Peace
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Pre-mediation checklist

  1. Please leave open your entire day if possible for your mediation, so there are no time constraints to our progress and effectivity.

  2. Mediation Briefs: Although mediation briefs are not required, having them ahead of time is highly recommended. By submitting your brief as early as possible, you are supplying your mediator the tools needed to have a better understanding of your side of the story. Most importantly, this will save you time and money and speed up the mediation process.Please send your briefs 7 days prior to your scheduled mediation.

  3. Payment for Mediation: On the day of your mediation, please bring a check, cash, cashier’s check/money order payable to Janet Kerobyan.

  4. You will receive a call 24 hours prior to your mediation confirming your mediation.

  5. Location: Your mediation/arbitration, as well as conciliation and negotiation can take place at a private office, nearby courthouse, or anywhere parties feel comfortable.