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Janet Kerobyan

Since 2017, Janet Kerobyan has dedicated her mediation practice to assisting people in different ranges of needs. Ms. Kerobyan founded Kerobyan Mediation after extensive training and experience in mediation and facilitation. In addition to helping individuals resolve differences peacefully, Ms. Kerobyan applies different approaches to reach the core problem of the dispute. Your mediation session will include coaching, if requested, because it is not only about the current dispute, but also how each party deals with similar stations later on in life.

Ms. Kerobyan has been active in public service and serving her community. In addition to her mediation practice, Ms. Kerobyan is also interested in law and plans on becoming a public service attorney. According to Ms. Kerobyan, “there isn’t anything more fulfilling than giving back the community you live in, because you are in direct charge of forming the future.” Her passion in bringing people together makes her role in mediation rewarding and fulfilling.

Ms. Kerobyan is currently serving as a Panelist and a Facilitator in the Neighborhood Justice Program with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. At NJP, Ms. Kerobyan encounters people who have committed certain misdemeanors and the program is a way to avoid going to court, being convicted or pleading guilty, and of having a criminal record. Instead, participants in NJP appear before a panel of community members, like Ms. Kerobyan, where they discuss the crime, the reasons why it was committed and the harm it caused.



UWLA School of Law
Juris Doctor Candidate, 2020

B.A., Philosophy, 2013

Activities & Affiliations

  • L.A. City Attorney’s Office, Volunteer Mediator, Panelist, Facilitator.

Bar Admissions Candidate

• California

REMEMBER,You can resolve your dispute without the interference of the court, it is less stressful and more cost effective.